A Fresher Start

freshers, top 10, university

I have officially been a Fresher for over 7 weeks now and so I feel like I have learnt enough about first year to blog about it. This post is dedicated to the top 10 things that I have discovered in the last few weeks, so here is my official comprehensive list of those things..

  1. You will not remember 99% of nights out, and if you do, you’re doing Freshers wrong.
  2. 9am lectures are a bitch, which you will eventually become allergic to.
  3. Having a pretty room makes you feel a little less homesick.
  4. A mattress topper will save your life, invest in one.
  5. You could do work but Netflix is a thing and Parks and Recreation ain’t going to watch itself.
  6. Washing up is the single most horrific thing on the planet.
  7. The day after pre-drinks your kitchen will look like WWIII has taken place in there.
  8. Since the plastic bag charge, as a student, it is acceptable to simply cradle your shopping all the way home.
  9. Whoever said first year was easy was WRONG, you will be drowning in work before the first week is up, and that is a fact.
  10. You can and will eat whatever the hell you want, I’m not saying that you should but trust me..you will.

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