Saba Lily Massey
Surrey, England

Bio: So...here is a little about me..I would consider myself a pretty standard 18 year old; I hate mornings; I love festivals; Tumblr and Netflix make up a solid 70% of my life; and I’m a Fresher. A-Levels are over and a new chapter of my life is beginning..university! Now I’m done ‘going on a mad one’ at Reading Festival, I’m ready to go on an even madder one during Freshers. I’m studying Economics and Management but that’s irrelevant because I’m going to the University of Leeds where all that matters is battling the northern weather in skimpy outfits and going clubbing. I’m too much of a wimp around the cold so skimpy outfits are a no no but you’ll definitely find me cutting some serious shapes on student night. My life plan is as follows; go to university and make money. There is little in between! Money doesn't mean everything to me as that plan may suggest, however, who doesn't want to be able to spend such money on an exotic island somewhere? Peaceful beaches and cocktails are how I plan to spend my later years so this plan is going to have to suffice. Currently my hobbies include skiing, travelling and clubbing but very little else (which is a little bit sad), I have been brought up on a diet of chalet holidays and random travels (e.g.Transylvania) which I really do enjoy and hope that these will be something I enjoy when I'm old, I am genuinely going to be the oldest person on the slopes. I started this blog because I need somewhere to properly express myself seeing as sometimes I really do struggle to do this in person. Don't get me wrong, I am an extrovert, however, the important stuff that keeps me up at night from thinking about it and does not make it's way out of my mouth particularly often. I also just want a creative outlet seeing as currently I do very little with my free time and really would like to be able to answer the question "what are your hobbies?" without having a mini existential crisis and then proceeding to make something up. I plan to blog myself interesting (if that's possible)!

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