New Year, New Me? Urm no…New Year, Better Me!


So I find the concept of it being a New Year and so for whatever reason people feel the need to completely change themselves to be crazy. You don’t need to become someone new because one little number at the end of a date has’s absurd. My most recent response to “what are your new year’s resolutions?” has been “I have none…I’m already perfect”, which of course I don’t believe but I didn’t really appreciate the question.

Last year was not the best year of my fact I think I can safely say that it was the worst. However, I did not start this blog to be negative (as per usual) because I am quite determined that this year I will be happy! Not new..just happy. I have found that recently I haven’t really being taking care of myself, not in the hygiene kind of way (just to be clear), but in the mental way. I went to the doctor about poor sleeping habits and they asked me what I did in the way of relaxation and all I could say was “nothing.” which is pretty poor for someone who is 18 and not really old enough to have gotten into such a bad habit. Because of this visit to the doctors, I have embarked upon a ‘self-care’ mission of watching more movies; reading a magazine now and again; attempting to be relatively healthy and focusing on doing something creative and positive (i.e. this blog).

The first steps on my mission have been:

1) Start this blog

2) Start a food diary and ditch diet coke (this one wasn’t easy) for vitamin water and healthy drinks

3) Watch a movie that I LOVE!

These steps seem pretty simple..and they really are, but after I went for a 2 hour drive and watched The Grand Budapest Hotel (which I seriously recommend) I slept better than I had in months (apparently doctors do know what they’re talking about). In terms of being healthy, it’s difficult, I’m not going to lie. The diary is really helping though, I can keep track of what I’m eating and drinking and therefore be somewhat accountable. Ideally I would like to lose a bit of weight, which I have gotten obsessed with in the past, but my aim this year to be healthy and hopefully it will come off rather than me weighing myself at every opportunity.

So anyway, there are my goals for 2015, not to become someone else but to find happiness (as cheesy as that sounds), because honestly, who doesn’t want to be happy?